MORGAINE AND THE RISE OF THE MACHINES [The Chronicles of Morgaine the Witch] by Joe Vadalma

This is a tale of witchcraft and robots, of science and sorcery, and a plot by hellish creatures to enslave humanity with its own technology.

It begins when the two archdemons of the abyss, Lilith and Asmodeus, hatch a new scheme to enslave humanity. Once again, Morgaine—now a slave in hell but dreaming of freedom—is sent on an assignment she hates.

Morgaine visits Isaac and Cedrica, two sentient robots, and convinces Cedrica that they need companions so they can live like real people among their own kind. In effort to create these companions, the three find the factory where Isaac was created—now long since abandoned—and work to get it up and running again.

But the secret of making positronic brains has been lost, and they need the help of the robots' original designers. Two of them are dead, so Cedrica sets off to find the remaining creators. Meanwhile, Morgaine sets her sights on a billionaire who just might be interested in bankrolling the project.
Little do they realize that the factory and their project are now the focus not merely of Hell, but of international terrorists and the US government as well.

To say that all Hell will soon break loose is an understatement. And Hell has an ace up its sleeve!

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