THE CHRONICLES OF MORGAINE THE WITCH BUNDLED SET [#1 Morgaine and Michael; #2 Morgaine and Melody; #3 Morgaine and Raven] by Joe Vadalma

Save big on the first three volumes in the spellbinding chronicles of Morgaine the Witch!

Get started on this irresistible saga of a modern witch who couldn't free herself from an ancient love. When he and Morgaine had been lovers hundreds of years earlier, Michael had sold his soul to the devil for immortality. Now that they are lovers once again, Morgaine has to outwit the master trickster by offering him the pure soul of a woman named Melody. But when Michael falls in love with Melody, Morgaine unleashes a fury on them the likes of which even hell has never seen, which threatens to shatter even the will of its King.

"A fine, original new work of dark fantasy," raves Horror Sagas.

This special ebook bundled set gives you all three of the first books in the series for only $3.99!

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Author Page Joe Vadalma's Futures Past Editions eBooks
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