Arthur K. Barnes

Arthur K. Barnes (1909-1969) was a US pulp writer, known also for his works outside the sf field, who was intermittently active in sf until about 1946, beginning with “Lord of the Lightning” for Wonder Stories in December 1931.

His Gerry Carlyle series of Space Opera tales—in which Miss Carlyle and a sidekick hunt down various aliens, carefully designated as non-sentient, for the London Interplanetary Zoo—was worked up into Interplanetary Hunter, which combines five of the original stories. This work was later republished by Futures Past Editions as a three-part series under the more accurate title The Interplanetary Huntress (see below), and is the first-ever republication of all seven of the Gerry Carlyle stories.

Barnes sometimes used the house name Kelvin Kent, occasionally solo, though mostly with Henry Kuttner with whom (both writing as Kent) he published 12 Peter Manx Time Travel stories (1939-1940 – see below) with often punning titles and joking inside, beginning with “Roman Holiday” (August 1939 Thrilling Wonder). Another pseudonym was Dave Barnes, used for two short collaborations with Norbert Davis (1909-1949).

(Edited from Barnes’ entry at the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction. Click the link for the full article.)

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