Stuart J. Byrne

Stuart J. Byrne (October 26, 1913 – September 23, 2011) was one of the most distinguished pulp writers of science fiction’s golden age.

Byrne has published over 3 million words, mostly cover features for science fiction pulps like Amazing Stories, Other Worlds, Science Stories, and Imagination. Stories like “Last Days of Thronas”, “Beyond the Darkness”, “Martian Honeymoon”, “Children of the Chronotron”, “The Land Beyond the Lens”, and “Prometheus II”, etc. won him plaudits from readers and his fellow authors alike. With the death of the pulps he switched to paperbacks, writing genre bestsellers including the Star Man series, Thundar – Man of Two Worlds, Hoaxbreaker, and Star Quest.  Byrne’s motion picture and television credits range from classic tv series like “Men Into Space” to feature films like “The Deserter” and “The Doomsday Machine”.

Byrne held a B.A. and M.A., with courses covering the gamut of computerology, electronics, astronomy, and management, and was a member of SFWA and WGAW. He is also a specialist in international management, system analysis, multi-country system installation, large scale procurement and inventory control management.  Multi-lingual (Spanish, German – translator), he lived abroad in South America and Guam, and traveled for Litton Industries to NATO bases in Europe (as Principal Engineering Writer and proposal survey rep).

The ebook edition of his masterwork Star Quest was a #1 science fiction bestseller for over a month and remained on the ebook bestseller lists for more than three months! Music of the Spheres & Other Science Fiction Classics, the first-ever collection of his pulp short stories, and new editions of his never-before-reprinted pulp novels, have all been sf bestsellers in ebook format.

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