MORGAINE AND MELODY [The Chronicles of Morgaine the Witch #2] by Joe Vadalma

What Price Love—for a Witch?

When Melody falls in love with Michael, a psychic, he gives her an ancient manuscript to read that seems to suggest he is a centuries-old former knight who sold his soul to the demon Asmodeus for immortality. But when she asks, "Are you really a thousand-year-old sorcerer?" he evades the question, and tells her a plausible story which cannot be verified.

Then, Michael implores Melody to marry him—and despite her doubts, she cannot resist his hypnotic eyes, and agrees to become his bride. For the first time in her life, Melody knows the feeling of true passion.

On Halloween night, Michel wakes Melody to go out in the woods where a second pagan marriage is performed, and they dance naked in the moonlight. A few days later, when Michael is out of town, his friend Morgaine (whose name also appeared in the manuscript) tells Melody's fortune with Tarot cards—and sees something that sends her screaming from the room.

When Melody presses Michael for answers, he finally admits that he is the knight described in the ancient manuscript, and that the demon Asmodeus is coming to claim his soul on Halloween night (the witch's New Year). He renounces his allegiance to evil and the pair decides to face the demon, armed with their newfound love for each other. But unknown to both, Morgaine, who was Michael's lover in ancient times, is still in love with him and has conceived a diabolical plan to trick Asmodeus into taking Melody's soul instead.

Cover art: Sami Hursey

Categories Fantasy , F - Novels
Author Page Joe Vadalma's Futures Past Editions eBooks