MORGAINE AND GRETCHEN [The Chronicles of Morgaine the Witch #4] by Joe Vadalma

The Life and Training of a Modern Witch!

A whole new chapter unfolds in the spellbinding saga of two star-crossed lovers—an immortal sorcerer and a reincarnated witch—struggling against the machinations of the demon Asmodeus.

Book Four, Morgaine and Gretchen, offers the backstory of Morgaine's incarnation in the present, from her childhood encounters with fairies who promise to make her a sorceress, to the fulfillment of that promise when, as an adult, she is called to the otherworld where she and another young witch, Gretchen, learn all the secrets of magic at The University of Sorcery.

There her teachers expound upon the spells and philosophy of thaumaturgy, while setting tests of skill and character for Morgaine and Gretchen. Morgaine also meets and falls in love with Michael, a sorcerer from the middle ages who was granted a thousand years of life by the demon Asmodeus.

When she leaves the otherworld, Morgaine is heartbroken, believing that she has lost Michael forever. But soon enough, she encounters Michael again in our world, and finds him a well-known psychic married to a woman named Melody. Morgaine and Michael can't resist each other and renew their affair. She wants him more than anything in the universe—and thanks to her magical training, she has the power to win him away from Melody. But she swore an oath to use her powers only in service to white magic, never black. If she breaks her promise, a demon will make her his slave forever. Asmodeus' millennia-long plan is coming to fruition at last!

"A fine, original new work of dark fantasy," —Horror Sagas.

Cover art: Sami Hursey

Categories Fantasy , F - Novels
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