T. J. Lazier

T. J. LazierT.J. Lazier was born in Idaho in the late 1970s and spent his childhood living in small towns and sometimes in the middle of nowhere in the inland Northwest. Living without television for many of his early years instilled a love of books and stories in him, and days spent roaming the forest, hills and mountains inspired his imagination in many wonderful ways.

Putting that imagination to use, T.J. began writing in his teen years and, being huge fan of sword and sorcery by Robert Howard and Fritz Leiber, high fantasy by such writers as David Eddings and J.R.R. Tolkien and erotic series such as Anne Rice’s “Sleeping Beauty” books, he spent many years working to combine these genres into his own unique work which focuses primarily on scifi and fantasy.

Now living in Las Vegas, Lazier spends more time writing than enjoying the night life. The only things that can drag him away from his latest writing project are a Detroit Red Wings game and time with a lovely lady. A writer can’t spend all his time writing, after all!


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