MORGAINE AND RAVEN [The Chronicles of Morgaine the Witch #3] Joe Vadalma

Morgaine's centuries-long love for Michael the immortal knight reaches a dramatic turning point in this third installment of the popular series featuring romance, the occult, magic, witchcraft and alchemy. The series is "A fine, original new work of dark fantasy," raves Horror Sagas.

Raven Lenore, a tough, young, former cop, private investigator and Wiccan, must investigate the mysterious disappearance of renown psychic, Michael Ellul, by his wife Melody, an attractive, moneyed, middle-aged woman. Questioning the couple's friends Raven stumbles on a fantastic tale about the suicide of Michael's associate, Morgaine Fabiano, which involves black magic, demon summoning and ritual human sacrifice.

She also learns that a Father McGuillicutty committed suicide on the Ellul's estate, and discovers a daguerreotype from the nineteenth century in which one of the people has a strong resemblance to Michael, the missing psychic. Jack Westcott, a computer scientist, dismisses the notion of supernatural happenings, but informs Raven that the missing Michael studied alchemists such as Doctor Dee to find out the secret of eternal youth.

Soon, what started out as an ordinary missing persons investigation turns into a dangerous game against mysterious demonic forces. In the course of the investigation, Raven encounters gunmen, a decomposed corpse, a computer printout claiming that Doctor Frankenstein was a real person, and a pagan chapel with a bloody altar surrounded by human bones. What Raven doesn't realize is that even if she survives, it is a case that will leave a multitude of loose ends and unanswered questions.

[Introduces Raven of the author's Raven Lenore, Psychic Investigator series]

Cover art: Sami Hursey

Categories Fantasy , F - Novels
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