MORGAINE AND ARMAGEDDON [The Chronicles of Morgaine the Witch #6] by Joe Vadalma

Is there No Rest for the Wicked?

In the sixth volume of Joe Vadalma's bestselling Morgaine saga, the answer is no! At the end of Book 5, the ruthless witch Morgaine, driven by her age-old love for the sorcerer Michael, gained everything she ever wanted when she possessed the body of his wife Melody.

But can evil ever lead to a happy ending? Morgaine thought so; now, she learns otherwise. The dark gods are determined to have the last laugh, for Morgaine's triumph will be short-lived. She only has weeks to enjoy her new life as Michael's Melody. The end of the world is at hand.

While Michael seeks a way to avert the calamity, Melody/Morgaine is captured by the vampire leader, Vlad Tepes, who makes her his slave. In league with the darkest of deities, Tepes has created a host of vampires and other monstrous creatures which he unleashes on helpless humanity.

Meanwhile, a terrible plague is sweeping across the globe, and a world-destroying comet is headed toward Earth. The selfish Morgaine discovers she has the power to save the world, but only at a fearful price. She must be willing to sacrifice her love for Michael and return Melody's body to its rightful owner, while she herself opposes the awesome might of Lucifer's legions.

Rated Mature; some sexual content.

Categories Fantasy , F - Novels
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