MORGAINE AND MICHAEL [The Chronicles of Morgaine the Witch #1] by Joe Vadalma

Witches, Demons, Warlocks and More in this Brilliant Fantasy Series!

When Melody meets Michael, a psychic, it's love at first sight. But when she meets his circle of friends and associates, Melody feels like an outsider. That's when Michael knows it's time to give her a strange, ancient manuscript to read, detailing a young knight's experiences in medieval times.

The manuscript tells the story of the knight, also named Michael, running from a battle and making love to a witch named Morgaine. Through her, Michael meets a wizard who promises him immortality in return for his services as a slave. They journey to Egypt, where Michael meets the demon Asmodeus and, in a deal with him, raises the stakes even higher: now he's pledged his soul to the demon in exchange for immortality and other magical gifts.

Melody has no idea what to make of this manuscript, and is even more confused when a mysterious woman named Morgaine arrives and asks for Michael. Still feeling like an outsider, Melody tries to see if she can fit in among Michael's community, deciding to join its women in their Tantric exercises—which, she discovers, are actually a practice of sexually-oriented magic.

But when she sees the leader of the group float in the air, Melody runs out of the house, wondering what on earth she's gotten herself into by falling in love with the famous psychic. Little does she dream of Michael and Morgaine's plans for her, and the part she'll play in the continual unfolding of their story.

Joe Vadalma begins a stunning career as a fantasy novelist with this sexy six-part saga of a witch, a warlock, a demon, and their loves and conflicts through the ages.

Rated Mature; some sexual content.

Cover: Sami Hursey

Categories Fantasy , F - Novels , Free Books
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