MORGAINE AND THE SORCERERS’ GUILD [The Chronicles of Morgaine the Witch #10] by Joe Vadalma

The demon Asmodeus' war with Lillith heats up, and the fate of the Earth is at stake!

Asmodeus already has a plan for destroying the world and taking all of humanity with it. But all may not be lost; Morgaine has discovered a prophecy. "If human beings can solve ten ancient mysteries," it says, "the Earth will be saved. If they fail, Asmodeus will prevail."

The only ones with the power to unravel these age-old puzzles are Morgaine, Michael, and the other members of The Alchemists and Sorcerers' Guild. Asmodeus has a plan to prevent them from succeeding, and assigns his ten most powerful demonic servants to keep each of the mysteries a deeply buried secret. But Morgaine has conceived the most daring plot ever: she will steal Asmodeus' power—there's just one catch: if he regains it, she will be blasted out of existence in this universe and all others!

Categories Fantasy , F - Novels
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