GARBAGE WORLD: The SF Ecological Classic by Charles Platt


The radical, disturbing classic that helped usher in the age of ecological science fiction.

"The story is good entertainment…quite amusing." —SF Commentary

Kopra is The garbage dump of the United Asteroid-Belt Pleasure Worlds Federation, who citizens can’t stand the sight of the waste products they produce. A small asteroid, miles deep in unimaginable filth and debris of all shapes and sizes., Kopra's sole function is to receive waste materials its sister asteroids send.

Its inhabitants are a dirty lot, long accustomed to working in the waste materials of the solar system. They disdain bathing and wear soiled rags like a medal. They are considered subhuman wretches by the citizens of the Pleasure Worlds. But the Koprans see it differently, they keep the system running by doing the work no one else can do. They are everything the Asteroid-Belters Pleasure Worlds are not—and proud of it.

Avoided by off-worlders for centuries (the stench alone is enough to repel any sentient being) Kopra suddenly becomes an object of extraordinary interest to Federation government officials. So, send assign the Oliver Roach, qualified Federation Observer and Recorder, to visit the asteroid. and report back on conditions, physical, psychological, and political.
From the moment the fastidious Oliver cautiously sets foot on the asteroid, he is plunged into an adventure as bizarre as it is exciting—filled with danger and plenty of surprises. And a quite unexpected denouement.

…The Federation had believed an asteroid as big as Kopra solved their waste disposal problems forever. But can any civilization really do that?

Read the explosive climax and find out.

The incendiary book that announced the arrival of the most scathing SF satirist since Jonathan Swift!

"What an interesting concept and study on human nature. I highly recommend this book to anyone. It is a fast, easy read, just right for a rainy summer day. I really liked it." —Beverly, Goodreads

"Garbage World was actually a sort of Freudian parable. In the novel, there is a near-perfect split between inhabitants of the asteroid who embrace garbage (metaphor for excrement) and sensuality versus everyone else, who are compulsively clean and inhibited. The protagonist succeeds in ditching his inhibitions by finding true love with an uninhibited, free-spirited young woman who seduces him in a pile of mulch, thereby proving that one can touch messy, dirty, taboo things and not only survive but enjoy it immensely. Once he recognizes and accepts the resulting changes in his outlook and his personality, he becomes a much healthier, much more well-adjusted person. In the cultural milieu in which it appeared, Garbage World was one distinctive voice among a deluge of others asking the day's youth to question the assumptions of society and to shake off the shackles of convention to find one's true, if messier, self. I liked it." —Gregory S., Amazon

"I have students using this book for an environmental reading/writing project. So far the reviews from them have been great." —Deb E., Amazon

"This book is awesome because it's proto-hippy science fiction about someone who learns to love living in filth with a society of scavengers. It's got brilliant class politics and it's entertaining as hell." —Margaret K., Goodreads

"Absurdly fun. From action to political intrigue to weird garbage-mud sex, it has everything you didn't know you needed. It was amazing." —Kevin M., Goodreads

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CHILDREN OF THE ISLAND [Laena’s Children Book 4] by Charlotte Prentiss

In an ancient world ruled by superstition and fear, one brave woman defies her people to find the truth!

Kori lives in a world of constant danger. Monstrous beasts devour brave hunters; earthquakes shake the island homes of her tribe; and far to the west, Mount Tomomor belches fire into the sky.

She is the chieftain's daughter, privileged yet shunned of her tribe because of her independent, willful nature. Her people live in fear of the Earth Spirits that rule the land with casual cruelty, but Kori refuses to recognize their power. She rebels—and is cast out, forced to fend for herself in the forest on the western shore.

But even as she finds fulfillment there in the arms of a brave warrior, Kori discovers the startling truth about her world. She is determined to enlighten her people, but first must confront a looming catastrophe that threatens to eradicate all life in the place she has come to love.

"If only I could mark this amazing novel as 'to-read again'. Because I definitely will be, very soon." —Goodreads

"Charlotte Prentiss has done a masterful job creating this book. She writes beautifully and so poetically. She is patient and takes her time with the details to bring the story to life. At first when Kori was expressed as different from the rest of her kinfolk and that as a result she was unmated, then she was cast out for 30 days with no defense it seemed very Clan of the Cave Bearish. As the story developed though the plot thickened and it took on a story of its own. It took a different direction entirely than how it began. It was very original with a slight Romeo & Juliet theme. The characters were all different from one another. You had enemies, the good, the bad, the unaware, the superstitious, and the manipulative. So many different characters and all with different personalities and very well developed. The descriptions come alive so vividly in my mind. I think the reason I enjoyed this book so much was that Kori reminds me much of myself." —Amazon

"I really liked this story. While the beginning was rather slow and a little dark (Kori's people's fear of the old ones is at times all-consuming), Kori was a believable heroine, with a likeable personality. Her struggles to be accepted by her tribe, her mother, were at times heart-wrenching. Her eventual romance with a non-tribal male was well-portrayed.
I recommend this novel for fans of 'prehistoric fiction.' You won't be disappointed." —Amazon

Originally published as The Island Tribe.

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CHILDREN OF THE SUN [Laena’s Children, Book 3] by Charlotte Prentiss


“Hands down the best book in the trilogy! Loved all three books that not only showcased Native Americans but even more so: Women who were, Strong, Beautiful, Courageous and so many other things” —Goodreads

“I love all this author’s books.” —Goodreads

In the American Southwest, ten thousand years after the last Ice Age swept the earth, a peaceful tribe of cave dwellers hunt and till the land. Beautiful, sensuous Nisha, known as the defiant one, dares to choose her own mate despite the tribe's disapproval. And together, the fierce passion between these two gives life to an infant son, destined to become the Great Hunter.

But one night, under a sky filled with ominous stars, Nisha's world is viciously destroyed by a pillaging raping tribe of nomads. Watching in helpless horror as her husband and son are murdered, Nisha vows revenge. With relentless wit and wile, she plays her captors against each other, titillating them with a new kind of lovemaking, outsmarting and taming their brutishness. And with the triumphant courage of a resolute risk taker, Nisha escapes into a new life, filled with new adventure, passion-and love.

More Raves For Children of the Sun:

“The story begins with Nisha's tribe and her husband and newborn baby. The tribe lives happily together as equals. men and women work together with trust and freedoms. In one night, her whole life is changed by one traumatic appearance of Greb and his sexist men. You follow Nisha as her rage and anger consume her as she tries to bring the men responsible for destroying her tribe and her people. This journey takes you along to see her frustration, her failures, her guilt, her wit and wile, her success and the different cultures and customs of other tribes. The characters are very well built; each has their own personality and their own reasons for doing as they do. The author did not flinch about putting blood and gore into the novel as well as sex. You want your readers to believe the story and it and how are we to believe it if the authors spare us the realistic truths of human savagery? As a survivor of an abusive boyfriend I understand the need for justice, the need for revenge and the need to help others like me. The guilt, blaming myself, the anger and rage and breakdowns were overwhelming and the story did a fine job of creating a similar circumstance for Nisha. It all happens during a time when agriculture and other advanced tools and systems were spreading through the many tribes of the American Southwest ... irrigation, trading systems, agriculture, bows and arrows - all the other innovations of that time. The scenery is wonderful as well and she writes vividly. Great for lovers of adventure, justice, passion, native and pre-historical fictions.” —Amazon Review

“Of the three books in this trilogy, Children of the Ice, Children of the Mesa and Children of the Sun, this was probably the most intriguing. It was more sexual than the others, to be sure - which was interesting because through this, Prentiss was able to show the aggression of the warrior tribe, as opposed to the sophistication of the Hohokam and Anasazi tribes. Having Nisha do a lot of traveling was beneficial to the reader - we were able to experience the cave dwelling people, the valley dwellers, and the people who lived on the mesa (descendants of the people who originally found the mesa in the last novel). She is very descriptive of her characters and surroundings.” —Goodreads

“Overall, this was a solid entertaining book I recommend to those interested in historical fiction.” —Goodreads

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WEST POINT, 3000 A.D.—The Golden Age SF Pulp Classic by Manly Wade Wellman

World Fantasy Award Winner's Pulp Masterpiece of Earth Versus the Martians at West Point!

The dirty Marties were infiltrating Earth and had penetrated its military defenses and secrets. Yes, it was a sorry day indeed for Earth when she admitted Martian Cadets to West Point for training.

And only two cadets stood between Earth and the deadly peril of alien conquest, Garr Devlin, the son of a criminal, and Nola Rakkam, scion of an aristocratic family that had served with distinction in the planet’s military for generations. Garr Devlin was a denizen of the Underways, New York’s underground slums for the lower caste workers who never saw the sun and labored from night to day tending the great machines that supplied the metropolis’ light and water. His appointment to West Point violated both tradition and social convention. But to the Cadets from Mars, his entrance into West Point was the signal for war on Earth.

They began by inciting the workers of the Underways to revolt. But what would be the outcome of the great Martian-inspired revolution? Would the woman Garth loves kill him, believing him a traitor? Would she herself be shot in turn? If the Martian conspirator Bexlann played his cards right, could he not aspire to personal overlordship of all Earth, as a reward for a job well done?

As the editors wrote at the time of its original publication in Amazing Stories for Oct. 1940, "Trapped in the Underways as Martian revolt flames, could Garr Devlin discover the real meaning of West Point honor and of a thousand years of tradition before it was too late for the Earth and the entire solar system? This dramatic story of espionage and counter-espionage, with the destiny of the Earth itself at stake, will attain a climax so exciting and so surprising that West Point, 3000 A.D. will undoubtedly go down in the annals of science fiction as one of the greatest stories ever written."

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LETTERS OF COLD FIRE (The Occult Cases of John Thunstone, Book 1) by Manly Wade Wellman


"Chilling!" —Cedar Rapids Gazette

"Spooky!" —Muncie Evening Press

Thrill to the adventures of John Thunstone, straight from the pages of the world's greatest horror magazine—the legendary Weird Tales.

You've never meant a ghost hunter or demon slayer like John Thunstone. Defying the naysayers' vision of a pale, basement-dwelling hobbyist, Thunstone is tall, broad shouldered, athletic, and handsome. He likes to spend his evenings in nightclubs, holding court and charming women. But does he lack focus? No! Thunstone is also a serious scholar, deeply studied in the occult and dark arts, and carries a blade of silver inscribed with the motto, "Sic pereant omnes inimici tui" ("thus perish all your enemies"), forged by Saint Dunstan, patron saint of silversmiths, and one of the few men the Devil himself feared. Thunstone's battles with the darkest forces haunting our world are the greatest creation of Edgar-, World Fantasy-, and British Fantasy Award-winner Manly Wade Wellman (also the only dark fantasy author nominated for the Pulitzer Prize).

You'll accompany our imposing hero on four of his most chilling adventures in this, the first volume of this series, reprinting all 15 of his original, classic adventures from the pages of the 1940s Weird Tales. In "The Third Cry to Legba," a voodoo chant sung in a New York nightclub opens the way for dark gods that even Thunstone knows not how to stop—until he reads a book by the great Guggenheim fellow and anthropologist, Zora Neale Hurston. "The Golden Goblins" seek revenge when a racist professor desecrates a sacred relic; and the only man who can prevent it is Thunstone's friend, a university honors recipient and Phi Beta Kappa member John Long Spear. In "Hoofs" Thunstone encounters Rowley Thorne, a black magician and lord of evil, and fights to save the Countess Monteseco from a fiendish plot to switch one soul into the body of another and win a fortune. Finally, in the title story, Rowley Thorn unearths the most powerful tome in the history of the black arts and directs it fury on Thunstone himself, as the two men match wits in sorcerous fight to a fiery finish.

"A journey to realms beyond understanding…" —Express (Vernal, Utah)

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DREAM MAKERS: The Uncommon Men and Women who Write Science Fiction by Charles Platt


“I wanted to know about science fiction writers. Who were they, where were they, and how did they get published? How did they decide what to write, how much were they paid—and who put those awful covers on their books? I wanted to know about the process which caused a book to exist. My curiosity led me to interview twenty-nine science fiction writers for Dream Makers.” Charles Platt

“Excellent prose profiles ... you get the feeling that you really know each person that Platt has talked with ... highly recommended.” —Amazing Stories

Back in print! Historic interviews with legendary authors. Plus new material including: Introduction and updated Historical Context on the authors and their work in the decades following the book’s original publication.These interviews were generally captured in the writer's environment and provide fascinating, behind the scenes views of their writing process and their state of mind. “I'm very impressed ... a tremendous piece of work. ... remarkable portraits.” —J. G. Ballard

In-depth conversations with Isaac Asimov, Thomas M. Disch, Ben Bova, Robert Sheckley, Kurt Vonnegut. Jr., Norman Spinrad, Frederik Pohl, Samuel R. Delany, Barry N. Malzberg, Edward Bryant, Alfred Bester, C. M. Kornbluth, Algis Budrys, Philip José Farmer, A. E. van Vogt, Philip K. Dick, Harlan Ellison, Ray Bradbury, Frank Herbert, Damon Knight and Kate Wilhelm, Michael Moorcock, J.G. Ballard, E.C. Tubb, Ian Watson, John Brunner, Gregory Benford, Robert Silverberg, and Brian W. Aldiss.

“So vivid, you wish they would never end. ... a special book.” -Chicago Tribune“Wittily perceived and cleanly professional interviews with sci-fi writers, rich in information and wide in scope, free of indulgence and tunnel vision.” -Philadelphia Inquirer
“Compulsively instant reading ... other things got tossed aside for it.” —Tan Wai-qnn

Cover: Michael Marrak

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TRUE VAMPIRES OF HISTORY: From Roman Times to the Present by Donald F. Glut

50+ Authenticated Accounts of the Undead who Returned from the Grave to Drink Human Blood!

The groundbreaking classic – back in print at last!

"The true gruesome history of the vampires of the world. " (The Fort Worth Star Telegram)

"A fine introduction to vampire tales from history. It reports on the alleged facts in each case, making no judgements on their veracity, leaving the reader to decide. A good survey of vampire lore, many of those recorded here were new to me. " (Goodreads)

Vampire Emperor Of Rome
Concerning The Berwick Vampire
Countess Elizabeth Bathory
The Vampire Of Pentsch: Johannes Cuntius
The Vampire Of Croglin Grange
Grando, Vampire Of Carniola
Arnold Paul
The Giant Vampire Of China
Vampire Viscount Of France
Uncle Helleborus And Mr. Tulip
Vampires Of Rhode Island And Chicago
Vampire Of London
The Bajang
The Vampire Ship
Vampires Of Bulgaria
Fritz Haarmann: Vampire Of Hanover
The Dusseldorf Vampire
The Vampire With Red Hair
John George Haigh: The Pilgrim Vampire
And many other real-life vampires...

From the cobblestone streets of medieval Europe, across the vastness of Asia and the jungles of Africa, to the haunted forests of New England in the 20th century, the author brings his researches to life in over fifty narratives case histories.

Have you ever wondered whether or not vampires actually exist? Whether they are merely folk tales or real creatures that walk the same world we do? Donald F. Glut's classic survey of the historical record provides red food for thought and fascinating insights into the sanguinary world of True Vampires of History.

“Excellent vampire history!” (Amazon Five Star Review)

Donald F. Glut is a world-recognized authority on monsters. His books The Dinosaur Dictionary and Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia were included by the American Library Association in their lists of best reference books of the year. While his The Dracula Book and The Frankenstein Catalog were both recipients of the annual Ann Radcliffe Award from the Count Dracula Society. In addition to hundreds of articles on monsters real and fictive, Glut’s other books include Classic Movie Monsters, Jurassic Classics: A Collection of Saurian Essays and Mesozoic Musings, The Frankenstein Legend, True Vampires of History, and True Werewolves of History.

He has also written three vampire novels, directed and executive-produced three feature-length movies featuring Dracula and regularly writes stories for Vampiress Carmilla magazine. He is probably best known for his best-selling novelization of the movie The Empire Strikes Back.

New feature: Extensively illustrated with photos and engravings of many of the vampires profiled and their haunts!

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TRUE WEREWOLVES OF HISTORY: From Ancient Times to the Present by Donald F. Glut


“These stories should not be read before bedtime or under a full moon! You have been warned!” —Amazon review

True Werewolves of History uses archival chronicles and new research to bring to life the stories of 100 werewolves. This unique tour-de-force focuses on real tales of werewolves (not to mention "werebears,” “werejaguars” and others) from throughout the world and across the centuries. You'll find them all in this volume for your delectation and enlightenment.

“This is an interesting primer introducing one to many famous and many more not so famous alleged cases of werewolfery and similar conditions.” —Goodreads

Among the more famous lycanthropes chronicled:
St. Ronan
John Lackland
Roland Bertin
Gilles Garnier
Pierre Burgot
Michel Verdun
Jacques Roulet
Jean Grenier
Peter Andersen
Ivan Of Shiganska
Ivan Baranoff
Joana of Tarcouca
Stubbe Peeter
Sergeant Bertrand

Among the most well-known cases of lycanthropy:
The wolves with human hands and feet
Pope Leo and the witches
The werewolf of Auvergne
The werewolves at Christmas
The shepherd Petronius
The werewolves who were burned at the stake
The werewolf in the museum
Mere Maxim
The mare-woman
The Wild Beast of Geaudan
Wolf Hollow
The Vargamor
The Werewolves of the Harz Mountains
Le Meneur Des Loups
The Isawiyya
Abbot Gilbert and the Werewolf
Revenge of the Were-Jaguars
The Werewolf Burgomaster
The Werewolf Flower of Transylvania

Other kinds of creatures people are said to have been transformed into:

“This is actually a fun little book! Werewolves were taken seriously once, and this book contains “reports” and stories concerning them. A few rather profound and sad.” —Goodreads

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SPAWN [Don Glut’s Pulp Thrillogy] by Donald F. Glut

Trapped on a planet of deadly dinosaurs that made Jurassic Park look like a kid's playground! ...These creatures were smarter than the average dinosaur!

The Marshall Museum sent Gene Bishop on a simple mission to the distant world of Erigon to collect dinosaur eggs for the Museum’s spectacular DinoWorld park—a scrupulous recreation of the Mesozoic Era on Earth. Bishop figured it as a quick in-and-out—swoop down, grab some eggs and be gone. But he figured wrong.

When one of the indigenous women, Leea, who had spent her whole life fleeing from the gigantic, macabre creatures, tried to set Bishop right, he ignored her. The Terran simply could not believe what she was trying to tell him: that there was one terrifying difference between Erigon’s dinosaurs and their extinct Earth brethren—the Erigon dinos were intelligent, and horror and destruction were sure to follow, as night follows day, if the eggs were taken back to Earth and allowed to breed. But Bishop had too much fame and fortune at stake to want to believe her.

Some people have to learn the hard way, and for Bishop what happened next was a lesson that could cost him his life.

Spawn is an action-adventure masterpiece of a Dino world written 15 years before Jurassic Park—and available for the first time in print in almost 50 years. Another book in Don Glut's famous Pulp Thrillogy, and arguably the award-winning horror writer’s greatest science-terror novel! Also features the outline for Spawn 2: Gluts’s never-written sequel—the original MS, lost for over 40 years! Recently discovered in a used book shop!


Donald F. Glut is the author of the Number 1 nationwide bestseller, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, which won a Galaxy Award. He is also a prolific, Inkpot-Award-winning comic book author, who has written for Marvel, DC, and Gold Key Comics, and a Rondo Classic Horror Award winner for his movie Tales of Frankenstein. As a novelist, television and comic book writer, Glut has been involved with popular franchises such as The Monkees, Tarzan, Spider-Man, Star Wars, Transformers, Captain America, G.I. Joe, Vampirella, Masters of the Universe, The Flintstones, Johnny Quest and others. The prolific Mr. Glut has also carved a niche in the film world as an executive-producer, writer and director of “traditional-style” horror movies featuring iconic monsters, among the most recent Tales of Frankenstein, Dances with Werewolves and Blood Scarab. All of which makes him the ideal person to write a classic horror thriller and present it in slick, polished, high velocity pulp fiction prose. Donald F. Glut is the author of three previous novels now proudly sold by Futures Past, including the thrillers Jawbreaker! and Bugged!, now made available for the first time in four decades by our imprint Strange Particle Press.

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THE FINAL STAR MAN OMNIBUS: #13 Summit Conference & The Star Man Papers

The Recently Discovered Climactic Star Man Novel & the Author's Correspondence about the Writing of the Starman Series!

The long revolution of twenty years has come to a crisis point at the Summit Meeting, and the final cards are on the table, but Viceroy Cardwell is also playing a card under the table as his secret agent on Thulone prepares to strike a blow at the Alphid. In this connection, Danny Duncan has located his long lost woman, Angela, only to run into a deadly crisis of their own—which will also provide a yea or a nay to Germaine's success at the conference. With the enemy holding the upper hand, and the arrival of the mighty Imperial Fleet imminent, at the last moment Edward Jayne has brought a "silver bullet" to destroy the Empire.

In Part Two of the Second Empire episode, crisis is stacked upon crisis as the Summit Meeting breaks down and the entire Alpha front threatens to explode in total conflict. In the midst of it, Jayne delivers a message to Germaine that almost causes the battle to be lost. With the sudden advent of the great Imperial Fleet, the Emperor becomes a "Dark Star" that he's not equipped to handle, causing a short historical clash between Magnus I and Karmax, himself.

Plus The Star Man Papers. The story of the series in the author's own words, and some of his notes on the Star Man universe itself. Ships. Planets. Anti-matter worlds. Languages. And more!

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