MORGAINE AND THE NECROMANCER [The Chronicles of Morgaine the Witch #9] by Joe Vadalma

Hell has granted Morgaine an opportunity to win Michael, the man she has loved—and been spurned by—throughout the ages. But first, to win the demons' approval, Morgaine must help a young occultist obtain a copy of the dread Necronomicon, while protecting him from the bloodlust of the centuries-old vampiress who possesses it.

But there's no rest for the wicked, and Morgaine's next task is to help destroy an all-powerful malignant entity from beyond the barriers of space and time, while selflessly returning the woman Michael loves to life. Even for a hell-trained sorceress, it's a set of challenges that seem impossible—but Morgaine isn't a woman who easily gives up on the man she loves. With Michael's own true love returned to life, could Morgaine have even a ghost of a chance at winning him?

Don't miss this stunning climax to the masterful epic of Morgaine, the Witch!

Categories Fantasy , F - Novels
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