Octavio Ramos, Jr.

octavio ramos jrOctavio Ramos Jr. is a lifelong fan of all things horror. In his teens, he began to write reviews of horror movies. Since college, he has been writing fiction in the horror genre, as well as reviews and commentary on every facet of horror for magazines such as Video Vista, The Zone, and Horrorshow.

Ramos works as a technical writer-editor at Los Alamos National Laboratory, the home of the world’s first atomic weapon. He has published several books (such as Cerro Grande: Canyons of Fire, Spirit of Community and Raising Cane: Introductory Techniques), a short story collection (Smoke Signals), and a chapbook (“Folio of Edicts”).

In addition, he has more than 200 publications in magazines including Sounds of Death Magazine, Pit Magazine, Whispers from the Shattered Forum, Glyph, Fighting Chance, Weird Times, Double Danger Tales, Sepulchre, Bizarre Bazaar, Starfleet Mysteries, The Silver Web, Black Lotus, Best of the Midwest, Project Mars, Showcase, The Police Marksman, and Sheriff Times.

He lives in White Rock with his wife, Christine, and their two children.


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