Manly Banister

Manly Banister (1914-1986) was a US novelist, short-story writer and amateur publisher. He began publishing work of genre interest with “Satan’s Bondage” for Weird Tales in September 1942. At least one full-length tale, “Magnanthropus” (September-October 1961 Fantastic), was never published in book form (until now! see below). Egoboo: A Fantasy Satire (1950) is a short time-travel spoof in the form of a fanzine, satirizing sf fandom. Conquest of Earth (1956, AKA The Scarlet Saint; see below) is a space opera in which a resurgent mankind learns how to conquer the occupying alien Trisz. He went on to publish a number of books on bookbinding and book making

Banister’s first amateur publication was The Nekromantikon, subtitled “The Amateur Magazine of Weird and Fantasy”, a fanzine that focused on fiction and poetry in the weird, fantasy, and science fiction genres. Five issues were released in the 1950s.

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