MORGAINE AND ASMODEUS [The Chronicles of Morgaine the Witch #5] by Jo Vadalma

Witch versus Demon as the Saga of Love, Sorcery, and Reincarnation Continues!

A modern witch, Morgaine, to save the soul of the man she loves, has sacrificed her own soul to the demon Asmodeus. Now a demon herself, she is returned to Earth by Asmodeus after swearing to carry out his new plan for acquiring Michael's soul.

But Morgaine has a devious plan of her own, and if it's successful she will be able to outwit Asmodeus, reclaim her life, and save Michael's. But to carry out her plan, Morgaine will have to destroy the soul of an innocent young woman and trick Asmodeus, the master demon trickster. If she fails, she and Michael will be sentenced to suffer the worst tortures of hell, for all eternity!

Rated Mature; some sexual content.

Categories Fantasy , F - Novels
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