MORGAINE AND MOONWOOD [The Chronicles of Morgaine the Witch #7] by Joe Vadalma

After Doomsday, What of Morgaine and Her Loves?

That's the question the modern-day sorceress Morgaine is asking herself, having sacrificed what she wanted most—to possess the love of Michael Ellul at any cost—in order to save the world. And no one is going to like the answer.

Having survived armageddon, Michael and his wife Melody decide to move back to Michael's mansion, Moonwood—but before they can, someone needs to fix up the old place and make it habitable once again. So Mike hires a young contractor, Tom, to do the work, and since he and his fiance live in Manhattan, they'll need to live there until the work is done. Tom will soon come to see, however, that no amount of money is worth staying at Moonwood. They soon discover that once-grand old house is plagued with ghosts, vampires and any number of other things that go bump in the night.

And who is to blame for the spectral invasion of Moonwood? Again, one needs look no further than Morgaine. She, of course, is the force behind most of the awful events and monsters that Michael and Melody will encounter—and this time, she and Asmodeus have a new scheme to take over the world and finally make Michael Ellul her slave.

Rated Mature; some sexual content.

Categories Fantasy , F - Novels
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