Jean Marie Stine

Jean Marie Stine is a writer, editor, anthologist and fan. She is the author of the novel Season of the Witch, which mixed futurism, transgender issues and sex and which the editors of Science Fiction Review called “One of the 30 Most Important SF Novels of the 1960s.”

As an anthologist, JM has edited Future Eves: Great Science Fiction About Women By Women; Time Enough at Last!: Stories that Inspired Classic Episodes of The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, Tales of Tomorrow and Other Vintage SF Television Series; The Legendary Women Detectives; I, Vampire: 13 Chilling Interviews with the Undead, and Those Doggone Dogs, among others.

As a science fiction and fantasy editor, JM has been editor-in-chief of Galaxy magazine and Starblaze Editions, one of the pioneers of sf/f/h trade paperback publishing, and a consultant to Dorchester/Leisure and Carroll and Graf.

As a nonfiction editor, JM worked as a senior acquisitions and development editor for Houghton-Mifflin, Jeremy Tarcher, and St. Martins.

Her other novels include A Day in the Life (The Prisoner #3), one of the three original novels commissioned by Ace Books based on the iconic television series, and Thrill City.

Of two recent collections, one (Herstory & Other Science Fictions) rounds up JM’s sf/f/h shorts and novelettes, and the other (Trans-Sexual: Transgressive Erotica) presents her fiction on transgender themes.

In the late 1960s, during the second and third seasons of Star Trek (and due to the kind offices of Bjo Trimble), JM worked for Gene Roddenberry on several projects, including writing the first ever catalogue of ST merchandise offered to the fan public, and writing background material for a never-filmed Roddenberry production of Tarzan. (Gene had been selected to take over the Tarzan film franchise, and planned to set it in the 1920s and stick closely to the early Burroughs novels.)

Currently, JM is editor and publisher of Futures-Past Editions (an imprint of PageTurner Editions), which is celebrating its tenth year as a digital publisher of sf/f/h ebooks by issuing its first-ever print titles!

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