Morton Chalfy

Morton ChalfyMorton Chalfy was born in the Bronx, N.Y. and followed his nose, his mind, his desire to know what’s going on, and his passions through the world. His great good fortune was to be born to an extremely loving mother who filled his new spirit with a self-esteem born of her love for her baby. That self-esteem and the luck of the ignorant has carried him along through life, though both characteristics have been greatly modified by the experience. Morton has written throughout his life, first poetry and then novels. He can safely say that a main theme in his work is “mature love,” a term used by a reader to describe the story lines in his novel Muta (soon to be released by Futures Past Editions). Certainly love has been a dominant theme in his own life, and thus he’s tried to express what he knows—or think he knows—of its workings.

You can learn more about Morton and his work through his facebook page.

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