BLACK WORLD: The Classic Space Opera by Raymond A. Palmer

Never Reprinted Before, the SF Pulp Magazine Classic of a Female Space Pirate!

A huge hit with readers when it was first serialized in Amazing Stories during the early 1940s, Golden Age pulp editor and author Raymond A. Palmer's masterwork mixes romance, interplanetary conflict, space piracy, and exotic alien worlds into the unique blend that is so emblematic of the science fiction of the period.

Black World begins when John Carver of the Stellar Patrol falls for playgirl heiress Ina Malden on the luxury spaceliner Josephine, en route to the outer worlds. After Ina disembarks at Titan, the ship is attacked and looted by a mystery ship, and John realizes the pirates' masked leader is Ina. John is ordered to capture her, but when he learns the motives behind her piracy, John falls more in love with her than ever.

He also discovers another secret, one that would make Earth helpless before a superweapon that could not be stopped. To warn Earth, he knows he will have to betray his love for Ina; and to save someone else she loves, Ina knows she will have to betray her love for John. Battling space fleets, interstellar espionage, futuristic glamour, the tough men and even tougher women of the planetary frontiers, Black Planet is a Pulp Age masterpiece reprinted for the first time in more than six decades!

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