THE FINAL STAR MAN OMNIBUS: #13 Summit Conference & The Star Man Papers

The Recently Discovered Climactic Star Man Novel & the Author's Correspondence about the Writing of the Starman Series!

The long revolution of twenty years has come to a crisis point at the Summit Meeting, and the final cards are on the table, but Viceroy Cardwell is also playing a card under the table as his secret agent on Thulone prepares to strike a blow at the Alphid. In this connection, Danny Duncan has located his long lost woman, Angela, only to run into a deadly crisis of their own—which will also provide a yea or a nay to Germaine's success at the conference. With the enemy holding the upper hand, and the arrival of the mighty Imperial Fleet imminent, at the last moment Edward Jayne has brought a "silver bullet" to destroy the Empire.

In Part Two of the Second Empire episode, crisis is stacked upon crisis as the Summit Meeting breaks down and the entire Alpha front threatens to explode in total conflict. In the midst of it, Jayne delivers a message to Germaine that almost causes the battle to be lost. With the sudden advent of the great Imperial Fleet, the Emperor becomes a "Dark Star" that he's not equipped to handle, causing a short historical clash between Magnus I and Karmax, himself.

Plus The Star Man Papers. The story of the series in the author's own words, and some of his notes on the Star Man universe itself. Ships. Planets. Anti-matter worlds. Languages. And more!

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