LETTERS OF COLD FIRE (The Occult Cases of John Thunstone, Book 1) by Manly Wade Wellman


"Chilling!" —Cedar Rapids Gazette

"Spooky!" —Muncie Evening Press

Thrill to the adventures of John Thunstone, straight from the pages of the world's greatest horror magazine—the legendary Weird Tales.

You've never meant a ghost hunter or demon slayer like John Thunstone. Defying the naysayers' vision of a pale, basement-dwelling hobbyist, Thunstone is tall, broad shouldered, athletic, and handsome. He likes to spend his evenings in nightclubs, holding court and charming women. But does he lack focus? No! Thunstone is also a serious scholar, deeply studied in the occult and dark arts, and carries a blade of silver inscribed with the motto, "Sic pereant omnes inimici tui" ("thus perish all your enemies"), forged by Saint Dunstan, patron saint of silversmiths, and one of the few men the Devil himself feared. Thunstone's battles with the darkest forces haunting our world are the greatest creation of Edgar-, World Fantasy-, and British Fantasy Award-winner Manly Wade Wellman (also the only dark fantasy author nominated for the Pulitzer Prize).

You'll accompany our imposing hero on four of his most chilling adventures in this, the first volume of this series, reprinting all 15 of his original, classic adventures from the pages of the 1940s Weird Tales. In "The Third Cry to Legba," a voodoo chant sung in a New York nightclub opens the way for dark gods that even Thunstone knows not how to stop—until he reads a book by the great Guggenheim fellow and anthropologist, Zora Neale Hurston. "The Golden Goblins" seek revenge when a racist professor desecrates a sacred relic; and the only man who can prevent it is Thunstone's friend, a university honors recipient and Phi Beta Kappa member John Long Spear. In "Hoofs" Thunstone encounters Rowley Thorne, a black magician and lord of evil, and fights to save the Countess Monteseco from a fiendish plot to switch one soul into the body of another and win a fortune. Finally, in the title story, Rowley Thorn unearths the most powerful tome in the history of the black arts and directs it fury on Thunstone himself, as the two men match wits in sorcerous fight to a fiery finish.

"A journey to realms beyond understanding…" —Express (Vernal, Utah)

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