THE FOURTH STAR MAN OMNIBUS: Lost in the Milky Way & The Time Trap by Stuart J. Byrne

He Went to the Stars and Became More Than a Man - Now He Must Battle Intergalactic Evil!

From the Golden Age pulp sf writer, Stuart J. Byrne.

In the far future, the trinary star system of Alpha Centauri is Man's new frontier and threshold to the galaxy—until the tri-planet dictatorship of Sol (Earth, Mars, Venus) triggers an interstellar revolution with the Star Man, Steve Germaine, as its catalyst.

In this volume you'll meet "Si" the human cyborg; Alphie, the batrachian mascot creature with a child mind and super I.Q., and great Karmax, the "Minotaur" wizard-creator of the Temonoids (one step beyond androids) with his destiny-warping super-cosmic quest.

You'll also find yourself asking, what of the cosmic secret of the Quasar Crystals, of the Era Unspoken, the Star Warden guidance of the Lords of the Nebula? Who are the sacred ZRAAL, the oldest star race? Is Earth merely a time-lost pocket colony of the ancient Zraal?

On the personal side, Star Man's perennial enemy is Vincent Cardwell, nefarious empire builder; the mysterious woman between them is the beautiful mutant, Anne Cardwell, who bears a mutant son. The indestructible Emperor becomes a nemesis to both Cardwell and Germaine. Through a stolen Quasar Crystal, he contacts alien agencies of the dreaded Kosmikons.

The wide-ranging, expansive, thought-variant Star Man series will never cease to surprise and amaze. Alien worlds and civilizations, negative and alternate-time universes, cosmic purposes, cosmic threats...

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