THE FIFTH STAR MAN OMNIBUS: The Centaurians & The Emperor by Stuart J. Byrne

The Cosmic Adventure Continues...

Star Man and his companions are caught in a diabolical time trap. Meanwhile on Mars, freedom fighter Lori Beldon and ex-spy David McKenna oppose absolute dictatorship by the ruthless autocrat, Vincent Cardwell. And what role will the lost Centaurians play in these conflicts?

Yet, all this and more are but threads that will be woven together (perhaps by greater entities) into a greater, climactic tapestry that will reach its completion when Star Man makes his return to Alpha.

From the pen of Stuart J. Byrne, one of the legendary writers for the Golden Age of the pulp magazines, including Amazing Stories, Imagination, Science Stories, and Other Worlds (where Star Man first saw its genesis in elements of his novel Power Metal).

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