THE SIXTH STAR MAN OMNIBUS: The Return of Star Man & The Second Empire by Stuart J. Byrne

The Final Two Star Man Novels!

Escaping the time trap, Star Man is confronted by the mighty star wizard, Karmax, and his temonoid clones. Then, battered and war-weary, Star Man reaches the Alpha System, ahead of Cardwell's threatening Empire Fleet—only to find a deadly mental barrier has closed Thulone off from the universe!

Star Man's insurgent council tells him that the only defense against the approaching Empire forces is to regain access to Thulone and its resources. Besides, Germaine needs to penetrate Thulone to hear a deathbed communication from the leader of the United Freedom Fighters—which might, in turn, reveal a message left for him by Anne Cardwell.

But to get past the deadly barrier screen, they'll have to commit to an impossible task: a death-defying communication with the Alphid, the powerful collective mind of Alpha's only native species. The stage is set for the ultimate confrontation with Vincent Cardwell's Empire fleet.

Contains the never-before-published twelfth and last volume written by Golden Age pulpster Stuart J. Byrne.

Categories Science Fiction , SF - Bargain Omnibuses
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