The Dire Deeds (The Guild of Ornamental Hermits Book 1) by A. R. Marsh

Oyster Olson—a shy, private, transgender blues musician living peacefully in an intentional community, Hermitville for short, on Hawai’i Island—always knew he was different. But only the magical Book of Moons, thrust upon him by the community’s founder shortly before her death, can reveal just how different he is! And who his real parents are!

Oyster, burdened by this secret, soon shares the book with his unrequited crush, burlesque artiste Babe Bump (she/her), and their best friend, drag performer Tomma Bedlam (ze/zir). The three of them grow closer (and closer!) as they explore the book’s ever-changing number of pages and learn of its origin as the grimoire of an ancient English mystery school, The Guild of Ornamental Hermits.

The Book of Moons brings love, death, Elves, unsuspected family ties, and cosmic cracks in Time/Space, just as a greedy real-estate developer schemes to convert funky Hermitville into a posh eco-resort. Even worse, relentless interdimensional foes, pouring through cosmic cracks, target Hermitville and all life in the Hawaiian archipelago.

Even with ten dedicated Elven mentors and a crash course in Elven magic, will Oyster, Babe, Tomma, and the other residents of Hermitville be able to transform themselves in time from mere misfits and musicians into magicians powerful enough to join the Elves in halting the impending chaos and destruction? Will they all go down in defeat and the world with them, humans and elves alike?

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About the Author

As a fantasy novelist, A.R. Marsh (aka Amy Marsh, Ed.D.) enjoys blending humor, magical realism, urban fantasy, whimsy, satire, absurd situations, and queer and paranormal relationships.

The Dire Deeds, Marsh's first book in the Guild of Ornamental Hermits series, begins a rollicking, sprawling epic serving magic realness and urban fantasy in a quirky tale of queer mid-life magic, set in the lush jungles of rural Hawai’i. It’s a literary “thirst trap” of perilous quests, paranormal romances, outrageous predicaments, and endearing, whimsical characters worthy of your undying admiration and fan fiction.

Marsh is also a clinical sexologist and hypnotist. Ze has appeared as a sexological expert on Tyra Banks, Good Morning America, National Geographic Taboo, NPR, and programs in England and Australia, commenting on such topics as objectum sexuality, erotic hypnosis, and specific types of kinky relationships.

Zir book, Sex Squicks & 100 Other Things You Didn't Know About Sex, is a partial collection of columns written for Carnal Nation, 2009-2010. Ze contributed three entries to The Cultural Encyclopedia of The Penis (2014), edited by Kimmel, Milrod & Kennedy. Marsh also contributed an essay, "Kid Chrysalis," to Transitions of the Heart-Stories of Love, Struggle, and Acceptance by Mothers of Transgender and Gender Variant Childen (2012), edited by Rachel Pepper.

Marsh, who goes by the chosen name of Avnas in zir personal life, lives in Oregon with seven cats. Ze enjoys witchery and other consuming special interests. Zir "Hermits of Hermitville"--and the Elves who love them--form an important part of zir "chosen family." Ze hopes you adore these characters as much as ze does.

Visit for audible samples, character background, and more. And visit for charter membership in The Guild of Ornamental Hermits.

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