THE FIRST STAR MAN OMNIBUS: Supermen of Alpha and Time Window by Stuart J. Byrne

Fans of Star Trek, Farscape, and Star Wars will Love This Classic Series!

A space accident sends modern astronaut Steven Germaine to the Earth colony at Alpha Centauri in the 25th century. In Supermen of Alpha, Germaine is drawn into an undreamed-of new life of adventure and cosmic intrigue. First, Germaine finds himself to be "property" of the insidious tycoon, Vincent Cardwell, who rescued him. But soon, he is caught up in the riptides of an interstellar revolution against a tyrannical Earth government, and a growing love for Cardwell's beautiful "contract woman," the mutant Anne.

However, Vincent Cardwell has his own schemes for Germaine. There is a secret about the astronaut known only to Cardwell—a secret he plans to use as a hidden "ace" in his own game of empire. Meanwhile, Germaine faces the deadly challenge of the heavy-gravity planet Thulone. Somehow, he must find the will to determine his own destiny and overcome the world's crushing gravity—or die centuries and light years away from Earth. If he fails, he knows he will never see Anne Cardwell again, and the galaxy will suffer in slavery for centuries to come! If he lives, Germaine will become one of the rare cross-overs who survive Thulone, one of the "Supermen of Alpha"—and humanity's one slim hope.

In Time Window, Germaine escapes from an interstellar prison, to land in the secret stronghold of the Thulonian Independence Party (T.I.P.) on the jungle planet, Alpha Minor. Reluctantly, Germaine becomes involved with the rebel cause, never realizing he is destined to be the vital key to Man's first interstellar revolution.

On Alpha Minor, he makes remarkable new friends such as "Si" the human cyborg, and Paul Traynor, the mutant strongman. He also learns the awesome secret of Anne Cardwell, and of Cardwell's hold over her. Planning to strike directly at the heart of the tyranny and use Traynor's formidable paralysis weapon to take over Earth's government, Germaine and his new friends must smuggle Traynor's secret ship, Night Song, in among the cargo in an interstellar star-train. But, but they must risk discovery and act quickly, for Germaine's own destiny and the fate of worlds is being narrowed down to an inescapable tine window.

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