THE SECOND STAR MAN OMNIBUS: Interstellar Mutineers and The Cosmium Raiders by Stuart J. Byrne

Find Out Why Gene Roddenberry Wanted Stu Byrne for Star Trek!

Forget the captains of the Enterprise, the real space hero is Steve Germaine, the Star Man, featured in two complete novels in this special omnibus edition.

In the first epic, Interstellar Mutineers, Steve Germaine has sacrificed his love for the mutant Anne Cardwell to fight for human freedom on the worlds of Alpha Centauri. Accompanied by "Si," the human cyborg, Paul Traynor, another mutant, and a handful of others, Germaine has snuck Traynor's small ship, Night Song, into a long train of cargo being escorted back to Sol.

Germaine's goal is nothing less than to attack the tyrants of Earth, who hold the worlds in thrall, with the Night Song's new paralysis weapon. Now, in the midst of a 4.3-light-year voyage, Germaine finds himself and his mission threatened by conspiracies and power struggles. For behind the mission lurks a secret plotter who plans to use the revolutionaries as mere puppets on his way to grasping supreme power. Not knowing who to trust, Star Man must cut the strings of the puppet masters before they cut his throat.

If he survives, he will have to capture Sol's first cosmium-powered interstellar warship—which is protected by all the might of Earth's space navy—before he can possibly think about returning to the woman he loves.

In The Cosmium Raiders, Steve Germaine leads a desperate raid to Mars to break into the impregnable vaults that hold the dictators' coveted hoard of cosmium, the metal of power. Cosmium is the key to Germaine's plan for overthrowing the tyranny that holds the stars in slavery. The problem is not only how to steal the cosmium but also how to escape with the booty when all of Earth's Navy is on his heels.

Also, Star Man's long personal battle against the insidious schemer, Vincent Cardwell, could hold the vital key to human liberty on many worlds already aflame with revolt. What Germaine doesn't know is that in discovering Cardwell's secret, he will acquire the greater burden of becoming THE WORLD CHANGER.

Cover art by Igor Varavin.

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