THE THIRD STAR MAN OMNIBUS: The World Changer and The Slaves of Venus by Stuart J. Byrne

From the #1 Bestselling Author of Star Quest!

More adventures of tomorrow's greatest hero. In The World Changer, when Germaine breaks into the cosmium vault at Martanium, he discovers why he is the key to a would-be tyrant's scheme of empire—and the threat it poses to his personal freedom.

Meanwhile, Germaine and his friends find a way to use a comet as camouflage so they can blast the growing Earth Empire Fleet on Luna. Germaine meets the tough, beautiful Lori Beldon who begins to nurture feelings for the Star Man, but his lonely heart belongs to Anne of Thulone. But the destruction of the Empire Fleet triggers a psychic command the tyrant had implanted in Germaine's mind. He must return to the tyrant's headquarters and surrender himself into the tyrant's hands.

In The Slaves of Venus, when he is sentenced to the Venusian slave mines with his old "Superman" crew from Thulone, Germaine discovers the lost laboratories of the 23rd century "Magicians." There, mutant Paul Traynor comes into contact with a Quasar Crystal and a history-changing breakthrough.

If that weren't enough for Germaine to contend with, the dangerous beauty, Aarri-Waziya, also becomes a love temptation for him. The Star Man creates a second front on Venus by allying with the hidden Braburni nation, the gill-breathing race of the Gagandhi, and the "Magicians'" new star ship, Night Song II, with its mutant weapons. This in turn leads to threatened retaliation from the forces of Sol.

Add the possessive impulse of Aarri-Waziya, and the resulting crisis threatens to leave our adventurers lost in the Milky Way!

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