THE GOLDEN GODS [Flannigan Trilogy #2] by Stuart J. Byrne

Back From the Dead to Save a World!

Here's the second volume of this never-reprinted trio of pulp science fantasy classics that become increasingly delicious and bizarre as they progress. Michael Flannigan was dead, sealed in an airless coffin hurtling through space, wasn't he? So there was no hope for the primitive world of Serin-Gor as it faced destruction by powerful alien science, was there? So who was the man who returned through the lens to the land beyond it claiming to be Michael Flannigan? Not even the woman who loved him was sure.

And if he was Michael Flannigan... perhaps it would have been better if he wasn't. For he would have to enter the citadel of an alien God—and in order to win, he would have to lose all his humanity and become an alien himself! And what kind of love could there be for a sexless, metallic man! On the answer hung the fate of two worlds and two very different women.

Science fiction editor Ray Palmer hailed the Michael Flannigan trilogy as "Prime adventure in the high standard and tradition of Edgar Rice Burroughs!" when it first appeared in a rival publication. "I'd stand in line for a story by Stu Byrne!" said Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry. But you don't need to stand in line. You can read this enthralling trilogy by veteran sf writer Stuart J. Byrne right now.

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