THE RETURN OF MICHAEL FLANNIGAN [Flannigan Trilogy #3] by Stuart J. Byrne

Who Could Love a Sexless Metal Man?

That's the question that faces two very different women from two very different worlds in the final volume of this classic pulp magazine saga. Michael Flannigan had emerged victorious from his combat with a man who had usurped awesome alien powers. But Flannigan was human no longer. Instead, his brain had been transferred to the body of a towering gold robot!

And that's not even his biggest problem. Back on Earth, an evil empire has conquered the U.S. and subjugated its citizens as slaves. Only Flannigan's godlike powers can free the nation from its bondage. But when he passes back through the lens to Earth, Flannigan soon discovers all his powers are useless. For the enemy holds Flannigan's friends hostage and their lives are forfeit unless he surrenders immediately!

"Prime adventure continues in the high standard and tradition of Edgar Rice Burroughs!" wrote science fiction editor Ray Palmer when the Michael Flannigan Trilogy first appeared in a rival publication. Don't miss the off-the-wall, thought-provoking ending to this delicious and increasingly bizarre trilogy from the pen of veteran pulpster Stuart J. Byrne.

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