THE CASE OF THE SPIRIT IN THE BOTTLE [Raven Lenore, Psychic Investigator #1] by Joe Vadalma

New Horror-Romance from the Author of the Bestselling Morgaine, the Sorceress Series!

Raven Lenore, a tough private and psychic investigator, receives a message from FBI agent and old friend, Martin Kopinski. In his message are pictures of a man brutally murdered—a man whose murder only Lenore can help solve, Kopinski explains, because the case has elements that no one in the FBI is equipped to handle, elements which lie right smack in her area of expertise.

Raven agrees to help, never suspecting that she is about to meet her dream man—two hundred years in the past—and come face to face with the demonic powers of The Thirteen!

Here is an adroit mixture of horror, romance and mystery from the bestselling Joe Vadalma.

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