THE PERILS OF KATHLYN [The Emperor’s Secret Files] by Charles Lee Jackson II

Another thrill-a-minute pulp magazine style adventure, with a thrill-a-minute heroine willing to brave any danger to get her story, from the fabulous imagination of Charles Lee Jackson II.

Brainy and bold newspaper reporter Kathlyn Owen is on to the story of her career. But deep in the heart of the Amazon jungle, where death lurks behind every tree, a greater danger is at work—a mysterious enemy out to stop Kathlyn’s expedition before it reaches a fabulous lost empire! Kathlyn’s sister, anthropologist Betty Owen, is part of the team, but she’s lost her godstone, source of Olympian powers (to learn more about Betty, don't miss The Avenger of Olympus!), and can’t help. Explosions, deadly piranja fish, avalanche, pitfalls, and wild animals—these are only some of the… Perils of Kathlyn !

And, in the same volume, Betty Owen deserts the expedition to recover her lost artifact and regain the powers of Nemesis, avenger of Olympus, but falls prey to a slave-master who forces her to work his mine, a villain who claims to be the spirit of an ancient conquistador, “The Silver Ghost”!

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