THE MARK OF CYPHER [The Emperor’s Secret Files] by Charles Lee Jackson II

A New Superhero is Born in this Lighthearted, Lightning-Fast Series!

The Emperor’s partners in crime-fighting operate all over the world, and come from many walks of life—like San Francisco-based detective Jack Allen, who finds himself opposing a recondite super-criminal whose drive to secure an unknown goal means death and destruction for any who oppose him.

Like the hero of a cliffhanger serial from the golden days of Hollywood, Jack adopts the identity of Fireball, masked crusader for justice, to face doom from fire, water, a runaway locomotive, guided missiles, explosions, and even an attack by a mechanical man as he tries to find those responsible for these attacks and solve the mystery of… The Mark of Cypher!

Categories SF - Novels , Science Fiction
Author Page Charles Lee Jackson II's Futures Past Editions eBooks
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