TRAIL RIDERS [The Emperor’s Secret Files] by Charles Lee Jackson II

If you liked "The Three Mesquiteers," "The Range Riders," and other classic Western movies, you will love this homage from the amazing imagination of Charles Lee Jackson II.

Some of the roaring in the Roaring Twenties was from six-guns! At the end of WWI, three soldiers set out to bring law and order to still-untamed reaches of the West. US Marshal Kit Cassiday, his singing sidekick Slim Rafferty, and their comical partner, Alibi Jones, earn a reputation for protecting the innocent and fighting villains—whether those villains break the law or hide behind it. Dubbed "The Trail Riders" and mounted on their faithful steeds, Gent, Duster, and Unk, these three out-ride, out-shoot, and out-think train robbers, cattle rustlers, claim jumpers, and other lawbreakers.

Their rootin’-tootin’, rip-snortin’, gun-slingin’ adventures begin in "The Secret of Cibola," when Kit and Slim come to the aid of their old pal Alibi, who's been accused of robbery and murder. Next Slim and Alibi land in plenty of trouble when an entire train is stolen right out from under them—but Kit helps uncover the astounding how and why as they seek the “Train to Los Padres”. Then the trio investigates spooky doings when a herd of cattle vanishes into thin air, seemingly the loot of “Phantom Rustlers”. Finally, when the mail doesn't go through, and the US Mail driver is missing, the boys become "Cowboy Couriers", only to be drawn into a deadly trap by a very pretty young woman…

More exciting adventures set in Charles Lee Jackson II's pulp and comic book inspired "Emperorverse," which has been compared to Lester Dent's over-the-top, widely beloved Doc Savage adventures. This new pulp novel, drawn from the Emperor's Secret Files, features a youthful Kit Cassiday, the retired lawman who many years later would sell the Emperor his Three-bar-R ranch and become one of his trusted advisors.

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