THE AVENGER OF OLYMPUS [The Emperor’s Secret Files] by Charles Lee Jackson II

"High adventure mixing every cool paperback, comic, late night TV treasure, 1960s and 70s spy adventure, and the breakneck pace and scale of the great Republic serials." —Steve Latshaw, screenwriter, Stan Lee's Lightspeed.

When archaeologist Elizabeth Owen discovers an ancient artifact that imbues her with the abilities of the Olympian gods, she finds that with awesome power comes an awesome responsibility. For now she must be the protector of Mankind, the inheritor of mighty powers, Nemesis, the Avenger of Olympus. (And you can bet it won’t be long before she is invited to join The Emperor’s inner circle.) Don't miss this wild and wooly feminist revision of the classic Captain Marvel origin story.

In the first adventure, trapped in a lost Greek temple, Betty receives “A Gift from the Gods”, an artifact and scroll that confer great powers—powers she’ll need to save not just herself, but the other members of her archaeological expedition who have been taken prisoner by an enraged mob. She is forced to become Nemesis a second time when her attempt to clear two innocent members of the expedition, who have been accused of passing counterfeit currency, leads her into a deadly encounter with Continent-Eight and the Diabolical Dr. Double X, as she tries to “Follow the Money”.Then back in the US on a lecture tour, Betty discovers she is not the only superheroine in town, after Nemesis encounters Shooting Star during an investigation of brutal monsters who are attacking her students, unearthing the secret of “Barton’s Bruisers”. Angling for a new job, Betty tries to come to the rescue after the evil Jade Dragon and Doctor Yalta strike again, but becomes locked in a three-way battle that includes yet another superheroine, and the fight card is Nemesis versus “Solara Versus Captain Yalta”.

Another terrific adventure from The Emperor's Secret Files, as told to Charles Lee Jackson II.

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