THUNDER BIRD [The Emperor’s Secret Files] by Charles Lee Jackson II

Who Was the Mysterious Rangeland Avenger Known as "Thunder Bird"?

From the author of the B-movie inspired bestseller, Trail Riders, comes the story of one of the most mysterious characters to appear in the West in the late nineteenth century. He was a fabulous individual, a man whose presence brought fear to the lawless and hope to the innocent. He protected Native Americans from the depredations of villainous white men, and the settlers from renegades. He was known to his contemporaries as Reed Gordon, a drifter and cowhand, but is known to history as the avenging kachina—Thunder Bird!

Drifter Reed Gordon wanders into trouble when he moseys into Sand Creek, Arizona Territory, finding himself caught between secret criminals and the law, forced to adopt a new identity for his own protection to escape the “Fury at Sand Creek”. With his new friends, two Pomo Indians and medicine-showman “Breezy” Hawkins, Reed Gordon finds himself and his alter-ego facing the still deadly remnants of the Clanton gang in Tombstone, AT—the town “Too Tough to Die”. Drifting down the valley of the Rio Grandé, Gordon and his friends put themselves in danger when they try to rescue a manatee being abused and mistreated by an unscrupulous showman, and con the conman with “The Mermaid of Matamoros”. On the trail of the only man who can clear his name and erase the murder charge against him, Reed Gordon finds that he must track the man into the worst desert in the American Southwest, the Jornada del Muerte, on a “Journey of Death”.

More exciting adventures drawn from the Emperor's Secret Files, set in Charles Lee Jackson II's pulp- and comic-book-inspired "Emperorverse," which has been compared to Lester Dent's over-the-top, widely beloved Doc Savage adventures.

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