THE EMPEROR’S GAMBIT [The Amazing Adventures of the Emperor #1] by Charles Lee Jackson II

CODE NAME: The Emperor. Head of a secret network of agents, he fights evil where ever it may arise. Able to pass unsuspected through any security or fortification, he has outwitted and out-fought the cleverest and most deadly enemies. The Emperor’s exploits put those of Doc Savage, The Shadow, Batman, James Bond, and even those two guys from UNCLE to shame.

For forty years, Charles Lee Jackson II has been producing a body of work unprecedented in the annals of pulp magazines and comics. He has garnered a fanatic body of followers and admirers—but his work has never been made available to a mass audience before! Begin the adventure here, with the first volume of stories featuring Jackson's legendary cliffhanger hero, in his fight against the forces of evil.

"Nonstop action as  'The Emperor' helps the FBI determine who has caused a worldwide  communication blackout. Action thriller fans will love it." —Joe Vadalma, author of The Chronicles of Morgaine the Witch

"Costumed superheroes, fast-paced action, and plots that will knock your  socks off! The 'Emperor' novels are fun, snappy, and a reflection of  the pulp fiction that readers have read and loved for decades. Jackson couples original characters with seductive situations that will have you  on the edge of your seat." —J. D. Crayne, author of The Captain Spycer Adventures and How to Bonk a Zombie.




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