DEATH ON MOON 4: A Robotic Murder Mystery by Joe Vadalma

Was the robot killer or victim?

Under the stresses of their jobs on Moon Four of Epsilon Eridani One, Rick and Gabrielle's marriage has disintegrated. Rick is unhappy about living in an artificial environment, hates his job, and blames Gabrielle whose career has brought him to Moon Four. Gabrielle drinks too much and orders their humbot Newton to make love to her, which it readily obeys.

Then, perhaps inevitably, Rick comes home early one day and discovers Gabrielle and Newton in bed together. Rick is so furious he orders Newton to kill her—which, to her relief, runs counter to Newton's preprogrammed ban on harming humans. But when Gabrielle is murdered, Newton becomes the prime suspect.

Rick immediately sues the humbot's manufacturer for wrongful death. Enter Duke Wilberstone, insurance investigator. If Newton is found guilty, his company will lose millions and the entire basis of galactic civilizationthe belief that robots cannot harm humans—will be at risk. Together with robotologist Shirla Cassico, he must prove the robot innocent and unmask the real murderer. But, as Wilberstone and Cassico's relationship heats up, they find the biggest obstacle to acquitting Newton is—the robot himself.

Art: Sam Addison

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Categories Science Fiction , SF - Novels
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