The Making of the Legendary Science Fiction Cliffhangers!

Rocketing to the rescue, Flash Gordon and his friends hurtle straight into the beam of a fiendish ray-gun and are blown out of the skies! And meanwhile, the beautiful and menaced Dale Arden, eyes wide, bosom heaving, cringes at the approach of lascivious King Vultan and his shaggy pet, Urso.

This cliffhanger perhaps best exemplifies what sets the "Flash Gordon" serials apart from other motion picture serials of the day: raw, obvious (and sometimes questionable) sexual overtones. One of the aspects that drives all three serials is the Emperor's lust for "the Earthwoman" Dale Arden (and in fact, in the first serial, it seems every petty king on Mongo has the hots for Dale). In fact everyone in these serials is "hot", from pretty-boy-with-muscles Buster Crabbe (Flash Gordon), the ravishing Jean Rogers (Dale Arden), brainy and muscular Frank Shannon (Dr. Zarkov), and that embodiment of evil incarnate Charles Middleton (Emperor Ming).

Flash Gordon, released by Universal Pictures in the spring of 1936, was a tremendously popular production and a huge financial success for the studio. Filled with glitzy special effects, costumes, props, masterpieces of monster and alien makeup, like the hawkmen and mudpeople, and over-the-top scripting, it continues to win new followers every day, more than three quarters of a century later. Now Charles Lee Jackson II, Hollywood historian, former columnist for FILMFAX, and publisher of Extra Added Attractions magazine, who currently conducts a college-level course in Ephemeral Cinema in Southern California, tells the whole engrossing story of the making of these B-Movie classics.

This unique ebook edition features more than two dozen posters and stills from this now legendary series of filmic cliffhangers.

"Charles Lee Jackson's knowledge of film history is encyclopedic." —Forrest J Ackerman

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