ARMAGEDDON 2420 A.D.!: A Sequel to The Airlords of Han by S. A. Gorden

When the Han Return, Rogers Takes to Space!

An all-new novel continuing the classic science fiction adventures Armageddon 2419 A.D.! and The Airlords of Han. When the supposedly exterminated Han attack Earth from Space, Anthony Rogers, better known as Buck, follows up on clues in The Airlords of Han suggesting America's evil conquerors were descendents of an alien race.

Soon Rogers is at the control of one of America's fastest spaceships, on his way to Mars, Callisto and beyond in a desperate race prevent Earth's reconquest by an even greater menace than the Han. Meanwhile, Roger's wife, Wilma Deering, the female supersoldier of the future, stays behind to organize Earth's defenses, where she faces her own challenges and perils.

Superscientific weapons, space battles, romance, villains, heroes, Armageddon 2420 A.D.!, is a worthy sequel to the original adventures of Anthony Rogers in the Twenty-Fifth Century as penned by the late, great Philip Francis Nowlan.

Categories Science Fiction , SF - Novels
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