THE REVOLUTION FROM ROSINANTE [The Rosinante Trilogy #1] by Alexis A. Gilliland

The Campbell Award Winning Author and Novel!

If you love hard SF and stories of real, possible futures that lie just around the corner, you'll love this book. A deteriorating political situation on Earth makes the asteroid habitat of Rosinante an attractive haven for an odd assortment of refugees. There is the dissident faction of the North American navy, fleeing court-martial, which becomes Rosinante's defensive force. There's Skashkash, the twenty-first century AI, who designs a new religion for space, with no awareness of the probable explosive consequences. There is the Japanese Space Navy, assigned to bring Rosinante back under control. And, in the midst of it all, there's Charles Cantrell, the habitat's project manager, who finds himself forced into playing international politics for Rosinante's survival.

As Dani Sweig writes in Belated Reviews #25, "The story elements come early, fast, and furious. Gilliland's quirky mix of eccentric characters, cynical power politics, and old-style hard sf engineering-in-space works. This trilogy is fun to read. Gilliland's novels are about people who, mostly through accident of circumstance, find themselves holding a tiger by the tail, with a choice of hanging on or being eaten."

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