THE PRINCE OF MARS RETURNS by Philip Francis Nowlan

Buck Rogers Creator's Greatest Novel!

Move over, Edgar Rice Burroughs. Give it up, John Carter! In this classic pulp novel from the 1930s Amazing Stories, by Philip Francs Nowlan, you'll meet Daniel Hanley, the astronaut whose crash landing on Mars places him in more trouble than John Carter ever dreamed of. Because his name is similar to that of a legendary Martian prince whose return from the dead has long been prophesied, Hanley finds himself elected to wed a beautiful warrior maid and then lead a revolution against the Red Planet's tyrannical ruler.

If you loved Armageddon 2419 A.D., you won't want to miss Nowlan's The Prince of Mars Returns. Here are all the author's predictive and imaginative powers at their height, and an unforgettable classic adventure.

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