LOST STARS 2: Forgotten SF Classics from the ‘Best of’ Anthologies, Edited by Jean Marie Stine

More Great SF You Should Have Read—But Probably Haven't!

Available exclusively as an ebook, Lost Stars 2 features more "forgotten" masterworks of science fiction from classic "best of" anthologies, most of which have been out of print and unobtainable for a half century and longer.

Contents include a female scientist's revenge on a cruel dictator, John Taine's "The Ultimate Catalyst"; a very human space opera, Raymond Z. Gallun's "Return of a Legend"; a creepy but valid look at the source of creative inspiration, David Keller's "The Literary Corkscrew"; the lighthearted tale of a ingenious man's ingenuity put to a stellar test, R. DeWitt Miller's "Swenson, Dispacher"; a haunting robot story, Ed Clinton's "The Small World of M-75"; an eerie account of what happens when a young boy discovers his world isn't what he has been led to believe, Walter Kubilius' "The Other Side," and five others.

Don't miss the first volume in this series, Lost Stars (see the "Related Products" tab), for more forgotten classics!

"A must-read." —Forrest J Ackerman.

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