ARMAGEDDON 2419 AD [The Original Buck Rogers #1] by Philip Francis Nowlan

The Original "Buck Rogers" SF Classic!

Thrill to the adventures of Anthony "Buck" Rogers, one of the most celebrated characters in the history of science fiction. Famed in comic strips, television, movies and even radio, this an unabridged reprinting of the first novel to introduce Buck Rogers to the reading public.

In Armageddon 2419 A.D., Buck, a victim of accidental suspended animation, awakens five hundred years later to discover America groaning under the tyranny of the villainous Han, ruling from the safety of their armored machine-cities. While falling in love with one of America's new warrior-women, Wilma Deering, Rogers soon becomes a central figure, using newly-developed scientific weapons—disintegrators, jumping belts, inertron, and paralysis rays—to revolt against the Han.

"For scientific interest as well as suspense little science fiction could hold its own with this particular story. It is one of those rare stories that will bear reading and re-reading many times." —Amazing Stories

Categories Science Fiction , SF - Novels
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