WEIRD AND STRANGE TALES: The Best from the Golden Age of the Shudder Pulps, Jean Marie Stine, Ed.

An outstanding collection of legendary cover stories from the Golden Age of the horror pulps—with the original magazine covers in full color!

In this unique anthology, readers will find such delectable fictions and celebrated masters as: "The Wolf-Girl of Josselin" by Arlton Eadie, a heartbreaking tale of lycanthropy and romance; "Strange Orchids" by Dorothy Quick, a disquieting story of a young woman's horrifying transformation; "Death Is an Elephant" by Robert Bloch, a strange and shocking Circus revenge; "Stragella" by Hugh B. Cave, a ship of death found floating free at sea and the doom that followed; and "Incense of Abomination" by Seabury Quinn, devil worshipers, drugs and Jules de Grandin.

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