DRACULA’S DAUGHTERS: Tales of Vampire Women and Their Thirsts by Jean Marie Stine [Ed.]

A unique anthology of time-tested shudder-stories about a unique breed of women who "refused to take death lying down"—available exclusively to eBook readers.

Though they may all be siblings beneath the skin (and beneath the soil of the graveyard!), these vampiric sisters are as different as any eight women could be. Though most imbibe their blood the traditional way, one—"The Good Lady Ducayne"—prefers to acquire her nourishment through more scientific means.

Another doesn't even drink blood at all; her approach to draining the life from her victims is somewhat more direct (but we think you'll agree that "Luella Miller" deserves the appellation "vampire" every bit as much as any of the rest).

Some inhabit ancient European castles with bloodlines that stretch back into history ("Schloss Wappeburg"), others (like "Mrs. Amworth") are freshly-minted, dwelling in the house right across the street. Some are reached by automobile ("The Dark Castle"); others lie far back in time in the late 1700s ("Wake not the Dead"). Some joined the legions of the undead via the standard methods, like suicide ("The Blood is the Life"), while still others owe their existence to very unusual means indeed ("Placide's Wife").

There is one thing these frightful female fiends have in common, however, besides their fangs: Once you've met them, you will never forget them!

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