HORRORS!: Rarely-Reprinted Classic Terror Tales #2 by Jean Marie Stine and Frankie Hill [Eds.]

A Horror Lover's Treat!

Far too frequently, compilations of classic horror stories reprint the same two dozen or so standards, until readers begin to believe no others were ever written. By now most horror readers are only too familiar with "The Upper Berth," "Mrs. Amsworth," "Markheim," "The Middle Toe of the Right Foot," "The Open Door," "The Mark of the Beast," and "Casting the Runes." The Horrors! series of classic reprints, however, aims to correct this imbalance by searching out great masterpieces of terror that are harder to find and less frequently anthologized.

In this volume you will discover such gems as Perceval London's "Thurnley Abbey," E. F. Benson's "The Confession of Charles Linkworth," Erickmann-Chatrain's "The Invisible Eye," Edith Nesbit's "Man-size in Marble," Hume Nisbet's "The Haunted Station," and John Metcalfe's "The Smoking Leg." How many have you read before?

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