HORRORS!: Rarely-Reprinted Classic Terror Tales #1, Jean Marie Stine and Frankie Hill [Eds.]

A Must-Read Horror Anthology!

Horrors! unearths and restores to print classic tales of grim and grue that have languished unnoticed and unreprinted for too long. Among the selection of rarely seen horror masterpieces from the early years of the past century are "Meshes of Doom", a tale of sentient plants by Neville Kilvington; "Unburied Bane", a tale of ghostly revenge by N. Dennet; "The Whistling Room", a tale of invasion from another dimension by William Hope Hodgson; "The Caretaker's Story", a tale of supernatural horror by Edith Olivier; "Nightmare Jack", who will haunt your own nightmares forever, by John Metcalfe, and other gems of terror and the supernatural. How many have you read before?

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