CHILDREN OF THE SUN [Laena’s Children, Book 3] by Charlotte Prentiss


“Hands down the best book in the trilogy! Loved all three books that not only showcased Native Americans but even more so: Women who were, Strong, Beautiful, Courageous and so many other things” —Goodreads

“I love all this author’s books.” —Goodreads

In the American Southwest, ten thousand years after the last Ice Age swept the earth, a peaceful tribe of cave dwellers hunt and till the land. Beautiful, sensuous Nisha, known as the defiant one, dares to choose her own mate despite the tribe's disapproval. And together, the fierce passion between these two gives life to an infant son, destined to become the Great Hunter.

But one night, under a sky filled with ominous stars, Nisha's world is viciously destroyed by a pillaging raping tribe of nomads. Watching in helpless horror as her husband and son are murdered, Nisha vows revenge. With relentless wit and wile, she plays her captors against each other, titillating them with a new kind of lovemaking, outsmarting and taming their brutishness. And with the triumphant courage of a resolute risk taker, Nisha escapes into a new life, filled with new adventure, passion-and love.

More Raves For Children of the Sun:

“The story begins with Nisha's tribe and her husband and newborn baby. The tribe lives happily together as equals. men and women work together with trust and freedoms. In one night, her whole life is changed by one traumatic appearance of Greb and his sexist men. You follow Nisha as her rage and anger consume her as she tries to bring the men responsible for destroying her tribe and her people. This journey takes you along to see her frustration, her failures, her guilt, her wit and wile, her success and the different cultures and customs of other tribes. The characters are very well built; each has their own personality and their own reasons for doing as they do. The author did not flinch about putting blood and gore into the novel as well as sex. You want your readers to believe the story and it and how are we to believe it if the authors spare us the realistic truths of human savagery? As a survivor of an abusive boyfriend I understand the need for justice, the need for revenge and the need to help others like me. The guilt, blaming myself, the anger and rage and breakdowns were overwhelming and the story did a fine job of creating a similar circumstance for Nisha. It all happens during a time when agriculture and other advanced tools and systems were spreading through the many tribes of the American Southwest ... irrigation, trading systems, agriculture, bows and arrows - all the other innovations of that time. The scenery is wonderful as well and she writes vividly. Great for lovers of adventure, justice, passion, native and pre-historical fictions.” —Amazon Review

“Of the three books in this trilogy, Children of the Ice, Children of the Mesa and Children of the Sun, this was probably the most intriguing. It was more sexual than the others, to be sure - which was interesting because through this, Prentiss was able to show the aggression of the warrior tribe, as opposed to the sophistication of the Hohokam and Anasazi tribes. Having Nisha do a lot of traveling was beneficial to the reader - we were able to experience the cave dwelling people, the valley dwellers, and the people who lived on the mesa (descendants of the people who originally found the mesa in the last novel). She is very descriptive of her characters and surroundings.” —Goodreads

“Overall, this was a solid entertaining book I recommend to those interested in historical fiction.” —Goodreads

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